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Tour of Medieval Crafts

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  • Tour of Medieval Crafts
    The cultural tour of medieval crafts allows you to savor the medieval atmosphere of the city of Bevagna.
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  • Suitable: disabled, groups, young people, pensionati, children, familes, single

The cultural tour of medieval crafts allows you to savor the medieval atmosphere of the city of Bevagna through guided tours or educational workshops to some of the most fascinating shops rebuilt during the event "Il Mercato delle Gaite".

The Paper Mill through an articulated working process, with the help of specific machinery and thanks to the mastery of the ancient manual labor, it shows the phases of work for the creation of the "bambagina paper" that is obtained from cotton rags.

The Cereria. The ancient laboratory where candles are produced in pure beeswax is the cereria. The "duplero" is the medieval candle obtained through the processing of wax dissolved in copper boilers, poured on hemp wicks and worked with a skilful twist.

The Silk Factory. It shows the production cycle from the breeding of the berries on the mulberry leaves that takes place in June, to the reeling of the cocoons and the twisting of the thread through the large twisting machine. The work ends with weaving on an ancient manual loom.

The Zecca. Thanks to the ancient trade of Zecchiere, the noble art of coinage revives. This workshop reconstructs the process of creating two of the coins circulating in Bevagna in the fourteenth century: the "Cortonese" money and the "Perosino" money. The ancient art of "coin money" revives through various stages of processing: from the fusion of copper and silver to the punching and whitening to give the metal the purchasing power of the medieval currency.

Ticket price:

ENTIRE 7.00 euros
SINGLE SHOP: 2.50 euros
FREE: 0-6 years

SINGLE € 6.50 (1 laboratory of your choice)
4 WORKSHOPS 20.00 euro - max 18 pax

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