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Bartolomei oil mill

  • Products: olio extravergine di oliva

The Frantoio Bartolomei was founded in the late 1800s by a strong relationship that has always linked the family to the production of oil.
Today the management is entrusted to the Brothers Carla, Rita and Pierluigi who, respecting the teachings received and with extreme passion, carry on the family work.

In 2012, the crushing plant was completely renovated. The company has equipped itself with the brand new "Molinova della Serie Oro" plant. The processing stages are:

Crushing - Crushing of olives to reduce them to a pasty state.
Gramulation - Mixing of the olive paste to facilitate the separation of the liquid component from the solid one.
Extraction - Through the press or "Decanter" the solid part (Sansa) is separated from the liquid part (Oil + Water)
Separation - The final step is the separator (or centrifuge) which when turned at high speed, separates the oil from the water.
The oil obtained with this completely natural process without any chemical additives is extra virgin olive oil and for this purpose is immediately subjected to chemical analysis to ascertain that the chemical values ​​respect the parameters set by law.


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