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Orchard Arborea Archeology Collection

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    The collection contributes to the maintenance of plant and cultural resources.
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The material found in recent years by the rchardArborea Archeology Foundation, involved in the conservation of the natural heritage and biodiversity, has been set up an orchard collection in the estate of S. Lorenzo di Lerchi, in Città di Castello.

The plants, cultivated with the traditional local systems, are inserted in a context that recovers and returns the harmony and the suggestions of an agricultural landscape of ancient wisdom. There are about 400 specimens of different species including apple, pear, cherry, plum, fig, almond, medlar and apple tree, in 150 different varieties found in the research areas.

The collection serves to maintain plant and cultural resources; witnesses and preserves an important segment of historical, cultural and landscape heritage; has strong potential from an educational point of view; it has an important reservoir function, favoring the maintenance of biodiversity and local productions.

The Collection is open to the public (schools, groups of scholars, associations and citizens) subject to agreement on terms and conditions of visits.

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