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How to taste Umbrian DOP olive oil

  • Suitable: disabled, groups, young people, pensionati, children, familes, single

Waiting to come and discover the aroma and taste of the Umbrian DOP Oil, practice with this practical guide *:

  • Pour the equivalent of a tablespoon of oil soup into two small glasses (you can use the plastic ones for coffee).
  • Heat the contents of each one with the palms of the hands to free the volatile aromas and be able to perceive them on the nose.
  • Bring the oil as close as possible to the nose, inhale slowly and deeply two or three times in a row.
  • Memorize the sensations received.
  • If you think it is necessary, wait a minute and repeat.
  • Bring the glass to your mouth.
  • Tighten your teeth and move your tongue until it touches the back of your upper teeth. With half-closed lips, use the muscles of the stomach to inhale quickly two or three times in a row. The air, mixed with oil, wets the tongue and the palate.
  • Memorize the flavors.
  • If necessary, repeat the tasting, but only after rinsing the mouth with natural water, bread or a slice of apple.

The stronger the flavors of the oil, the longer you have to wait before the next taste.

A good opportunity to taste and celebrate this king of cuisine and taste is certainly the event Frantoi Aperti, while throughout the year, the proposals "hands in dough" of Umbria & Tastes are waiting for you!

* Source: Osterie del Gusto. Short chain catering: a choice of health

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