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The Fishing Museum

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    The Lake Trasimeno Fishing Museum is located in San Feliciano, next to the north fishing port.
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IThe Lake Trasimeno Fishing Museum is located in San Feliciano, next to the north fishing port. Since 19 July 1997 it has been reopened to the public in the new and definitive venue that once housed the Consorzio Pesca e Acquicoltura ofTrasimeno. The rich heritage of knowledge, poured over time into numerous publications, thematic exhibitions and permanent exhibitions, forms the basis of the current preparation of the Lake Trasimeno Fishing Museum.

Here the best of over two decades of surveys carried out by many scholars (ALLI Project - University of Perugia), students and researchers who, with the decisive contribution of fishermen-hunters, have investigated the "water culture", the "language, history and life of the communities settled along the banks of the great lake, following in particular the evolution of the productive activity that for many centuries was the first resource of these populations: fishing.

To better understand the fundamental steps of the development of professional fishing, we wanted to frame this productive activity, as well as in the local area, even within those processes and events of wider scope in which it was involved and often upset. The 44 different capture techniques are then related to both the historical-social context and the environment. The interrelations between these two contexts and between the local reality and the larger realities within which the former is set are thus clarified.

In addition to this "holistic" approach, the exhibition is characterized by its multidisciplinary character, by the attempt to read this reality using complementary methods and contents. More sciences have collaborated to clarify and bring to the surface the deep plot that binds the fishing activity to the history of Trasimeno. Thanks to the collaboration of various scholars, it has been possible to "observe" the lake from multiple points of view: geological, archaeological, historical, geographical, anthropological, linguistic and environmental. Entering the Lake Trasimeno Fishing Museum means for the visitor to lose his habitual knowledge of the inhabitants of the earth and to enter the fluid world of water.

He can follow step by step a fascinating and little-known story, full of useful information not only to read in a new way the most remote and recent past of the history of the Trasimeno, but to understand the grandeur and the messages that come from a tradition of rules , habits, knowledge and wisdom that can be a stimulus and provide suggestions to rethink the future.

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