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The history of chocolate intersects with Umbrian history about 100 years ago, when Francesco Andreani, Leone Ascoli, Francesco Buitoni and Annibale Spagnoli founded the Perugina Company for the production of confetti, candies, chocolate and cocoa powder, better known later as Perugina. Since then, many things have changed, but nothing has affected this elective union.

On the contrary, more and more elements have reinforced this link over time, helping to identify Umbria as a fundamental destination for chocolate lovers. In more recent times, the symbol of this marriage of love is well represented by Eurochocolate, the favorite event for the gluttons of Europe that, every year in October, welcomes hundreds of thousands of people to Perugia. Symbol of tenderness, the chocolate is the most classic of the gifts between lovers and Terni, homeland of San Valentino, proudly welcomes this sweet tradition by hosting Cioccolentino inside the Valentinian celebrations.

In addition to individual events and celebrations, the tradition of chocolate today is perpetuated in Umbria by a fabric made up of 120 small businesses and craft workshops that ensure a genuine high quality product. To promote and enhance a common identity of companies in 2009 was born, on the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia, the District of Chocolate, a reality promoter of interesting initiatives.

Coming from the distant Americas, chocolate as we know it today, however, represents in all respects a distinctive product of the European continent that has reached its specificity thanks to the processes of transformation and the contamination between flavors of different cultures. With the aim of promoting, enhancing and protecting the cultural heritage linked to this product, the Chocolate District of Perugia and the Italian Chamber of Commerce system, they presented their candidature for the Council of Europe on the cultural route Le Vie del Cioccolato.

Twenty-three paths to connect the South to the North of Europe with chocolate flavor. Roads that represent, first of all, vehicles for communication and cultural exchange between nations and cultures. The axis identified will link the cities of Modica, Terni, Perugia, Cuneo, Turin, Vienna, Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Zaragoza, Bayonne, Paris, Brussels, Bruges and London.

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