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The norcineria is the art of processing pork by the norcino, a true master of the skilful techniques that have been handed down since the Middle Ages and that characterize the production of Preci, Norcia and the entire Valnerina. The basic seasonings of the butcher are: salt, pepper, spices and herbs, but the right mixture and precise quantities represent the true secret of the family, the origin of unique and irreplaceable products!

The undisputed king of the delicacies of the area is the Norcia ham I.G.P. - Typical Geographical Indication. A more in-depth knowledge of the area will lead you to the discovery of innumerable and lesser-known specialties including: capocollo, lombetto, coppa, salami, sausages, barbozzo, mortadella, black pudding, or the characteristic belly mule!

Typical salami of Umbria

Capocollo is a cylindrical salami, presented wrapped in yellow paper and tied, its average weight varies from 2.5-3 kg.

Mule's balls so called because they remember the testicles of the mule in the form, is a sausage made of lean pork meat, with a lard in the center.

The Coppa di Testa is a rectangular-shaped salami weighing around 15 kg. Once cut, the various colors of the meat can be seen due to the diversity of the parts used for preparation.

La Corallina or Salame Umbro is a typical local production. Cylindrical shape, medium dominance. Inside, lean meat is interspersed with large grease holes.

Guanciale or Barbozzo is obtained from the pig's cheek. At the end of processing it has a triangular shape, of medium size, weighing from 800-1000 grams, seasoned and covered with pepper.

Lombetto is a cylindrical sausage, presented wrapped in yellow paper and tied, weighing around 2 kg. Once cut, it is reddish in color with no veins of fat.

The characteristic Mazzafegati are similar to the common fresh sausages, tied together by string, the weight varies from 80 to 150g. The curiosity is that you can taste both savory or sweet.

Porchetta is typical Umbrian street-food. The pork is cooked whole, including the head, boned, seasoned and tied with string. Feature the golden crust.

The local ham derives from the seasoned pork leg. It presents the characteristic pear shape and is covered with pepper where it is not protected by the rind.

The Norcia Salami with a cylindrical shape of medium size, the weight varies from 300 to 500 grams, ground to very fine grain.

The Sanguinaccio is also cylindrical in shape, once cut it has a dark red color where the light color of the ingredients stands out, the weight varies from 500 to 800 grams.

La Ventresca. It is necessary to distinguish between rolled and stretched ventresca: the first is a cylindrical salami. The belly of the pig is rolled and seasoned, generally has a weight ranging from 3 to 4 kg. The stretched belly comes from the same cut, but presents itself with the rind. After processing it is not rolled up, but cut into rectangular shapes a few centimeters high and aged.


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