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According to The Wine Enthusiast, the reference magazine for wine lovers in the world, Umbria was among the ten Best Wine Travel Destinations for 2014. The care and quality of its productions combined with the beauty of the landscapes, in many cases still uncontaminated, and to the historical and cultural wealth of its villages have allowed to conquer this important recognition. A reason for extra pride that testifies to what we have been supporting for some time now: it is worth visiting Umbria and getting lost in its countless and valuable local productions.

The areas of Controlled Denomination of Origin in Umbria give rise to numerous qualities of excellent red, white and rosé wine. A mapping of these areas is also at the origin of the so-called Roads of Wine: sensory and cultural itineraries for taste travelers who follow real roads to travel by car, motorbike, on foot, by bike or on horseback.

The Strada dei Vini del Cantico
The Strada dei Vini Del Cantico links the towns of Assisi, Bettona, Cannara, Collazzone, Fratta Todina, Marsciano, Massa Martana, Monte Castello di Vibio, Perugia, Spello, Todi and Torgiano. It proposes the DOCG Torgiano Rosso Riserva and five DOC wines (Assisi, Torgiano, Colli Martani, Colli Perugini and Todi) as excellence. La Strada promotes the enhancement of quality winemaking products, linking them to the cultural and environmental values ​​of the territories involved. Among the attractions located along the route, in the town of Torgiano, stands the MUVIT - Wine Museum, defined by the Times as the best museum in Italy dedicated to this historic production.

The Sagrantino Road
La Strada del Sagrantino winds through the territories of Montefalco, Bevagna, Gualdo Cattaneo, Giano dell'Umbria and Castel Ritaldi following the production of this unique excellence of the Umbrian territory. A native vine from which a dense and perfumed juice is obtained. Sagrantino di Montefalco can be dry or raisin. A curiosity about the passito variety is that the typical intensity and sweetness derive from a particular consistency of the skin of the berries that can remain to dry for months, without ever rotting, giving way to the alcohol component to free itself, keeping intact the sugar.

The Strada dei Colli dei Trasimeno
The Strada dei Colli del Trasimeno is one of the most scenic landscape areas in the entire region. Umbria is one of the few Italian regions not to be washed by the sea, but looking out on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, you will understand why we do not miss it. The climate, mitigated by the lake, gives the production the right humidity to ripen slowly without drying up.

The Roman Estruscan Road
The Roman Etruscan Road extends along the southern area of ​​the region between the municipalities of Allerona, Amelia, Baschi, Castel Viscardo, Ficulle, Montecchio, Narni, Orvieto and Terni. La Strada is a journey of taste between ancient and modern, in search of the suggestions of the landscape and close encounters with excellent wines and flavors of the Umbrian tradition. Along the way, also institutional places dedicated to wine and food as the Palazzo del Gusto di Orvieto, a center of culture and food and wine education hosted by the Province of Terni within the San Giovanni complex, in the medieval district of Orvieto. Attached to the Regional Enoteca where a complete review of the provincial and regional winery is on display and tasting, instead the Palazzo Petrignani in Amelia, located in the historic heart of the city, which houses the School of Food.

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